Exhibition Graphics For Trade Show Displays: Design Show Stopping Visuals For Exhibition Stands

Dynamic designs and simplicity are essential elements for creating trade show displays that create a high impact on the people visiting the event. Use a methodology for development of your graphic designs similar to the strategies used to create unforgettable highway billboards. Professionals designing outdoor advertisements implement carefully devised strategies for communication with vehicles that pass them at speeds more than 55 miles an hour, for which they have only a few seconds.

Similarly, you have only a few seconds to attract the attention of visitors at the trade show who might cruise by your booth, unless you draw their attention towards your display. To deliver a meaningful and convincing message to probable customers using your tradeshow graphics you need to keep your communication short and direct with graphics that are uncomplicated and strong.

Use visuals to tell your story wherever possible, limiting the usage of text in your signage and graphics. When you do have to use words, try to use action words which describe your product’s advantages. You do need to pay close attention to your choice of colours and shades used in your graphics. Cool colours such as green, blue and white communicate professionalism, while warm colours such as orange, yellow and red are good for attracting attention.

You can learn from previous research and established criteria for show-stopping formulas for designing effective exhibition graphic designs. After very extensive research and examination of best practices in the trade show industry, three questions have been established as the basic queries that people would have when they walk across your stall. If your display booth graphics, design and text message answer these questions, you have the an opportunity to have a competitive and effective exhibition display.

Who are you?

This question should have a quick and easy response displayed on the header of the graphic display at your trade show booth. The quality of your graphic displays will also endorse your corporate individuality.

What are you selling?

In other words, what products or services does your business have on display at trade shows? This question is of immense significance for the visitor and your company and should also be answered basically by the graphic display with further reinforcement by your product samples and displays.

Why would I want to buy it?

The prospective customers will ask themselves what the product and your booth offer them in terms of benefits and advantages. Is your product better than other options offered by competitors? Does it provide distinctive benefits or features? Is your product faster, better, cheaper or the upcoming industry benchmark?

When you are working on developing trade show displays, exhibition displays and exhibits, you have to address these basic questions. Use simple, yet prominent graphics to present your perspective, and the end product will be an outstanding exhibit which delivers your desired results.